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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 11:43 AM
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#1 Old 10th Oct 2017 at 9:04 PM
Default Making Progress In Spite of One Obstacle After Another
The world I am working on the most, with the kind help of a few of you here, is coming along finally I think I hope. Some things I have learned and some oddities:

ROUTING - I have learned so much since prior worlds. Redid it so tight if a sim did not need go somewhere he would not be able to. Was testing and a sim who could have driven easily to the next place decided to leave the current lot by water taxi then then got totally stuck as the taxi had nowhere to land. I opened up just a few places in the islands for them to land and in the last few says of sim play had no unroutable sims and just one cat stuck for a moment on a houseboat. Lesson learned all is OK if you leave just enough open for those watercraft. So far.

LOTS - I had a houseboat that my played sim had gone on to ghostbust with no issues. In a later test a vamp was totally stuck there. Had to nuke the lot totally away and replace the boat. I have a venue my sim had been to and all of the sudden it could not be accessed with OK routing. Had to alter it. Lots that are fine one moment go wonky.

MOTORCYCLE - My sim had one parked in her drive and wanted one (!). It then totally disappeared. Not in her inventory. Had this happen twice so far in test games. Guess she wants a car instead?

ACCESS - Gave up some on looks for better access by adding a road on a beach. Got tired of the bus coming nowhere near the house way up a cliff.

Am a happy camper now that so far Overwatch has not picked up any unroutable sims other than that dang cat. Fingers crossed..............
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